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Ben I Williams

Creator and engineer who designs and builds things on the web.

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I also moonlight as a Code Reviewer, perform on-demand code reviews and security audits, for companies all around the world through PullRequest.


I write sporadically on this website and Twitter. See Essays and @biwills.

Open Source Software

I maintain a small set of open source software:

You can find all my public code on my Github @biw.


  • Knowledge graphs and note taking
  • The 100 and 1000 true fans monetization models
  • Lowering barriers to creation
  • Writing world-class software
  • Chess
  • Playing and making music
  • Reading


Most recently, I was a Product Engineer at Ideaflow, helping build the next generation of knowledge tools.

Before that, I was the cofounder of AuxParty, working on building an immersive 3D social music experience. We scaled the product to 50 countries around the world and got a chance to put on events with amazing artists/producers who had over 100 million online streams collectively. We stopped working on it after hitting financial difficulties.

Before that, I worked at:

  • Shone with a small product-focused engineering team working on autonomous technologies for container ships.
  • Aero which at the time, was working on rethinking business travel. They have since pivoted.
  • Masterclass which makes online classes with the world's best instructors.
  • Microsoft as an intern, working on Windows kernel security.
  • Tensentric as an intern, working on medical device security.

Contact me

My email is [email protected].

You can also contact me via Twitter DMs. My Twitter is @biwills.

🌻served from a computer in San Jose, California