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Ben I Williams

Creator and engineer who designs and builds things on the web.

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I write sporadically on this website and Twitter. See Essays and @biwills.

Open Source Software

I maintain a small set of open source software:

You can find all my public code on my Github @biw.


  • Knowledge graphs and note taking
  • The 100 and 1000 true fans monetization models
  • Lowering barriers to creation
  • Writing world-class software
  • Chess
  • Playing and making music
  • Reading


Most recently, I was a Product Engineer at Ideaflow, helping build the next generation of knowledge tools.

Before that, I was the cofounder of AuxParty, working on building an immersive 3D social music experience. We scaled the product to 50 countries around the world with millions of songs listened to collectively and got a chance to put on events with over a dozen amazing artists/producers. We stopped working on it after hitting financial difficulties associated with music licensing.

I also use to moonlight as a Code Reviewer, perform on-demand code reviews and security audits, for companies all around the world through PullRequest.

Before that, I worked at:

  • Shone with a small product-focused engineering team working on autonomous technologies for container ships.
  • Aero which at the time, was working on rethinking business travel. They have since pivoted.
  • Masterclass which makes online classes with the world's best instructors.
  • Microsoft as an intern, working on Windows kernel security.
  • Tensentric as an intern, working on medical device security.

Contact me

My email is [email protected].

You can also contact me via Twitter DMs. My Twitter is @biwills.

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